Welcome to my blog!

My name is Pamela Htoo Gaw, I’m 18 years old and I’m in my Second year at Fagerlia Videregående Skole. This blog is a project in International English, at Fagerlia Videregående Skole. On this website, I’m going to post different posts related to the contents we learn in our lessons. The purpose of this blog […]

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The movie “Spotlight” brought up a topic about the catholic church that I have not yet thought of thoroughly before. I have seen it or heard of it through media but have not really given it a deeper thought about it, something the movie made me change my mind about. The scene that changed the […]

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Thoughts about the movie TRF

My honest opinion about the movie “The reluctant fundamentalist” is that it was quite a good movie. Throughout the movie you could feel the tension between the main characters and its surrounding. However, since it was based on a book that we recently have read, the details were still fresh, and based of these descriptions […]

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Day of terror

We all remember and have heard of 9/11, no matter how old or how young you are. It was the day where a lot of people’s lives were lost in the disastrous terror attack. I lived back in Thailand at the current time it happened, but I know that many were affected by the incident […]

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The reluctant fundamentalist

The book was written by the Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid, and it is a novel about a Pakistani man named Changez who tells a stranger, an American man whom he met in an outdoor Lahore café, about his life and experiences when he lived in America.   So far, the book seems to be impressive, […]

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Outsourced is a movie that displays the diverse world we live in by comparing India and America together, which we know are quite unlike in many ways. The movie is set in India and America, and the cultural differences are clear. The movie starts with the American, Todd Anderson, who is given the option to […]

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Sexual harassment at the workplace is very common while it is rarely unheard of. Why’s that? There are so many incidents that happens every single year and so many of them are untold. It has come to the point where the problem is no longer about sex, it is about having the upper power. Having […]

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The movie «Lion», starring Dev Patel, raises questions about identity crises. Saroo, a young boy, played by Patel, got lost while waiting at a train station for his brother to return from work. At one point he fell asleep and when he woke up, there was nothing but an empty train on the railway. He […]

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International day at Fagerlia

Every single year, our school takes part in a campaign called Operation day’s work. The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness about problems that occur around the world and finding solutions on how to fix them, little by little. The school project is divided into two parts; international day and Operation day’s work’s […]

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